The Netherlands: Europe’s logistics hotspot

The Netherlands: Europe’s logistics hotspot

For centuries, the Netherlands has played a key role in the global economy while, around the world, the Dutch are well known for their deep-rooted commercialism. Today, the Netherlands remains one of the world’s leading trading nations and a hub for foreign logistics and distribution activities.

The country is strategically located at the heart of Europe, between the region’s three biggest economies of Germany, France and the UK. Aided by two significant European cargo mainports, Schiphol Airport and the Port of Rotterdam – which are less than an hour’s drive from each other – this unique geographical positioning makes it a key logistics hub and a gateway to the European hinterland.

It is not surprising that multinationals like Coca-Cola and Pearl Musical Instruments have chosen this small but outward-facing nation as a strategic starting point for their logistics and distribution passage to Europe.

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