VAT Services in the Netherlands: How Bol International Can Help You

The Netherlands has always been a favorable location for international businesses. Sitting at the centre of the European supply chain, the country offers a gateway to the all-important EU market, not to mention various advantageous tax benefits.

However, as a company with operations in the Netherlands, or even a non-resident trading with Dutch customers, you may be required to register for VAT purposes and comply with local VAT requirements. These obligations will depend on the structure of your supply chain and where your customers are located.

In every case, it pays to be informed and to have a trusted advisor by your side. At Bol International, we support businesses big and small with a wide range of VAT needs. We offer the following services:

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VAT advice and compliance monitoring

 Our VAT advisors will determine whether you are required to register for VAT in the Netherlands and – if so – oversee the registration process on your behalf. We can also support you with reporting obligations, filing your VAT returns and submitting EC Sales List (ESL) to the Dutch tax authorities. We will ensure you are fully compliant with the laws of the land.

Our experts are able to handle more complex requirements, for example, involving disagreements and disputes, acting as a designated point of contact for all your VAT needs.

VAT “mapping”

 Companies with supply chains and customers that span different European countries may need to comply with the specific VAT requirements in additional locations beyond the Netherlands.

Our VAT advisors will work with you to map out your supply chain and your customer base.  We will put together a “supply chain memo” that provides a clear picture of the VAT consequences of your activities and provide support accordingly.

The “memo” can serve as a guideline for your finance department, as well as your sales team, who may be unaware of the VAT consequences of specific terms and conditions of supply.

Tax planning for VAT

 Working with different EU and international markets can be a complex process. If left to chance, it can involve having to make multiple VAT registrations. To avoid unnecessary administration and hassle, it is important to prepare and to determine your route in advance.

Our job is to help you find the simplest solution for your business. Our advisors will identify the smoothest supply route for your goods or services – one that minimizes your administrative burden and avoids the need to VAT register in multiple markets at the same time.

As well as helping ongoing businesses, we provide planning support for companies that are in the process of being incorporated. This gives us the opportunity to mould the perfect supply chain for VAT purposes from scratch, according to the owner’s requirements and commercial ambitions.

VAT representation

Appointing a Dutch tax or VAT representative enables non-resident organizations to take advantage of beneficial tax regulations in place in the Netherlands, including an advantageous import VAT deferral mechanism. An experienced representative can help facilitate the safe and efficient passage of goods through the Netherlands.

At Bol International, we offer a proven “general” VAT representation service. Unlike a “limited” representative, our experienced “VAT Reps”, serve as the point of contact for all your needs. They can advise on a wide range of matters relating to VAT and import duties, including reverse charge mechanisms, tax exemptions and appeals. They can also offer support further along the supply chain – for example, while goods are being held in storage awaiting ongoing travel.

You can count on Bol International’s expert VAT advisors to provide the knowledge and experience you need, when you need it most.
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Multidisciplinary support - all under one roof

Bol International is made up of a close-knit team of experts with specialisms in different fields. Being smaller than some larger multinational firms, our advisors are able to easily reach out and consult with each other across their respective departments.

Thanks to our multi-disciplinary approach, our VAT advisors are in constant, close contact with our international tax specialists, for example, as well as our expat services and accounting teams. This means that, as a Bol International client, you receive the added value of this wide-ranging expertise and support, and the swift, efficient resolution to your issue.

Our expert networks also extend beyond Bol, and to other countries and regions. As members of the Leading Edge Alliance (LEA) – a leading international association of independently owned accounting and consulting firms – we have partnerships with organizations throughout the EU and beyond.

Depending on your needs, we can introduce you to high-quality professionals in different European markets, or even farther afield. Meanwhile, answers to your specific cross-border VAT queries are only a phone call away.

Whether you are a start-up or a budding entrepreneur, or an established multinational brand, Bol International can provide the expert support you need. Contact our VAT advisory team today to find out how we can help you.

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