Depending on the size of your operations in the Netherlands*, the Dutch authorities may require you to undertake a mandatory audit. Should this be the case, it is essential that you select an experienced partner that can ensure compliance with the specific auditing practices and requirements in place here in the Netherlands.

At Bol International, we assist our international clients with mandatory audits, and also provide a range of other services, including special purpose audits, IT auditing, and financial due diligence. Our experienced multidisciplinary team is on hand to offer specialist advice on any one of these areas and provide timely support when you need it.

*applicable if sales exceed €12M; balance-sheet total exceeds €6M; unit has 50 or more employees.

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Leveraging our global reach

The global focus and expertise of our international audit team is a particular area of strength. As an experienced ‘group auditor’, Bol is equipped to perform a comprehensive international audit that includes the different overseas units of your business. We lead this process by instructing the relevant in-country auditors overseas, carefully reviewing the various component audits, and then consolidating the group figures in order to prepare a group audit report.       

As a member of the Leading Edge Alliance (LEA) – a global community of 190 top accounting and consulting firms – our auditors have strong connections with relevant in-country experts around the world. By leveraging these networks, and their vast experience working with clients around the world, they are able to provide their clients with a truly globalized service.

This means that, as well as your organization’s Dutch operations, we can also audit the financial statements of your foreign subsidiaries in a seamless and highly efficient way, by closely collaborating with our international colleagues.

“As a medium-sized office with excellent global connections, we share our clients’ international focus, while offering a highly personalized approach that’s designed to meet their exact needs.”
Ivan Maes - Audit Partner
Audit & Assurance

IT audit: auditing and optimizing your IT environment in the Netherlands

In a globalized business landscape, technology offers clear advantages when building a cross-border business. But it also presents new challenges – ranging from security and cyberthreats to ever-tighter regulations and standards. As a multinational organization, you need to feel confident your Dutch IT operations are fully secure and aligned with the same high standards as the rest of your group, while also complying fully with Dutch and EU standards.

Bol International’s IT auditors will work with your local teams on the ground in the Netherlands to assess your IT operations and optimize them accordingly, ensuring a secure, compliant, well-run IT environment. More information about our IT Audit services can be found via the button below.

Giving your business the attention it deserves

As a Bol client, you will receive a personalized, high-quality service, delivered by a designated point of contact (typically a partner or experienced senior consultant). You can also expect regular communication from your advisor, delivered over the phone or in person wherever possible. Our auditing operations typically take place on-site at our clients’ offices, unless they request otherwise.

Thanks to our high employee retention rates, unlike some larger practices, our auditors typically work with clients over a longer time period, and rarely switch between different accounts. They get to know your business inside out, ensuring you maximum audit quality and efficiency every time.

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