In a globalized business landscape, technology offers clear advantages when building a cross-border business. But it also presents new challenges – ranging from security and cyberthreats to ever-tighter regulations and standards. As a multinational organization, you need to feel confident your Dutch IT operations are fully secure and aligned with the same high standards as the rest of your group, while also complying fully with Dutch and EU standards.

Having the support of an experienced local Dutch partner – one that truly understands the local IT and regulatory culture and how it links to the wider European and global landscape – can make all the difference. Bol International’s IT auditors will work with your local teams on the ground in the Netherlands to assess your IT operations and optimize them accordingly, ensuring a secure, compliant, well-run IT environment.

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Comprehensive IT auditing, delivered by local experts

As a first step, our experts will conduct a thorough audit of your IT environment in the Netherlands, including your internal systems, processes and external partnerships, to assess its maturity and resistance to potential threats. We will also evaluate your internal security controls and frameworks to measure their compliance with international frameworks such as ISO and COBIT. With extensive experience in the field, our IT experts can also assess your unit’s compliance with Dutch and European privacy law. In particular, we advise on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): the EU’s new data privacy and security law, which entered into force in 2018.

Our experts give you the confidence of knowing your IT activities in the Netherlands are fully compliant with EU and Dutch legislation, and that they’re operating to the high standards your global business demands.
Thijs Peeters - IT Auditor and Privacy Manager
IT auditing

Optimizing your IT environment

Having identified areas for improvement, our expert advisors will work with your local teams to strengthen the weak spots in your IT systems and IT control environment (for example, IT control activities and application controls) and raise them to the required standard. Leveraging our knowledge of the European and international IT landscape, we can help drive alignment with relevant security and privacy frameworks as well as compliance with other relevant regulation. Beyond software and hardware, our services extend to your “IT culture”. Our awareness-raising courses protect you and your employees from potential cyberattack while ensuring alignment in IT behaviors and standards across your different teams.

In addition to working with established international companies in the Netherlands, our advisors work regularly with new businesses to set up their IT systems, and can help you get your local IT operations up and running quickly and efficiently.

A 360° perspective

Bol International employs in-house experts from a wide range of specialisms, allowing us to look at your situation from different angles. For example, our lawyers and tax specialists are involved in providing information and advice on the GDPR. This means we are able to see the full picture of your situation, taking into account your current requirements and future plans.

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