Setting up a business in the Netherlands offers numerous advantages and opportunities, thanks to the country’s favorable tax structure, highly educated workforce, and world-class infrastructure. The Netherlands is also the economic and logistics heartbeat of Europe, offering unrivaled access to Germany, France, and other major markets.

To make the most of these advantages, foreign companies first need a robust, locally orientated business plan, and the right structure to carry this out. At Bol International, we work with a wide range of international clients to adapt their operation to the Dutch marketplace. We provide help with setting up a business, creating the right structure, and finding local logistics partners, among other solutions. Our experienced multidisciplinary experts can help you create a future-proof structure that best fits your company profile.

We also help companies with an existing presence in the Netherlands to restructure their business to further grow their roots.

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Expert advice and practical support, tailored to your needs

We act as your personal guide to help you navigate the Dutch business landscape, connecting you with all the right experts and partners.

Our process begins with the exploratory phase, during which we zoom in on your business and its needs. We identify risks and potential issues early on and connect with your local advisor in your home market if needed. This allows both sides to understand which structure is best for you and the actions to take to implement it.

Next, we arrive at the implementation stage, where we provide specialist support with practical matters such as tax and VAT, Dutch legal and auditing requirements, logistics, IT, and HR. We offer all the expertise you need in house – your designated contact person will put you in touch with the right Bol expert for your situation.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary expertise, we continue to provide expert support long after you begin trading in the Netherlands. For example, accounting work may become more important once your business is better established.

"International companies come to us for the range of services we provide, as well as the expert advice and hands-on support we provide across each of these services.
Toine Geesink - International Tax Partner
Toine Geesink LR

An extensive global association

The high-quality service we provide on the ground is amplified by our strong local and international networks. These connections allow us to help guide your decision-making in the right way, saving you time, money, and stress.

As a member of the Leading Edge Alliance (LEA Global), a global community of 190 leading accounting and advisory firms, we have strong connections with relevant in-country experts all over the world. This means we can connect you with like-minded providers wherever you are located.

Closer to the home, our clients can take advantage of our local partnerships. Bol International works with OostNL, a Dutch government subsidiary that helps global entrepreneurs and companies access opportunities in the domestic market. We also collaborate with Holland International Distribution Council, an organization that provides logistics “matchmaking” for supply chains across Europe.

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