In addition to being one of the world’s most globally facing nations, the country offers one of the best-developed transportation and logistics networks anywhere in the world. And, being positioned close to Germany, France, the UK and other major European economies, the Netherlands is a fantastic springboard for reaching all-important consumer markets.

The perfect location for international teams

But there are many other reasons for this. The excellent Dutch education system and a highly trained, multilingual workforce allow employers access to world-class talent in areas such as marketing, sales and communications. The Netherlands ranks fourth for ‘Higher education and training’ in the World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Index, for example, and second for ‘On-the-job training’.

With the addition of a supportive tax environment, it is no surprise that many overseas businesses choose the Netherlands as the base for their international or regional marketing and sales operations. These include leading multinationals such as IBM, Verizon and UL, as well as small- and medium-sized companies, tech start-ups and challenger brands.

The perfect location for international teams

Overseeing your talent and resources

We work with foreign companies of all sizes, and across all sectors, helping them to run their international marketing and sales operations from the Netherlands. As an on-the-ground Dutch practitioner with a global outlook, we offer a unique blend of local market knowledge and international focus. It means we can help our clients to navigate the complexities of operating in a foreign environment – whether transferring staff or capital, hiring local employees or consolidating their local and international accounts.

Our attentive, personalized approach means our clients always have a trusted point of contact they can turn to when needed. This is typically an experienced senior professional, someone who can offer reliable guidance and support during the initial set-up phase and beyond.  

International business in the Netherlands? Let us help!

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