In Rotterdam and Schiphol, the Netherlands boasts Europe’s largest port as well as the continent’s second-best-connected airport. Furthermore, the Netherlands places 4/160 on the World Bank’s Logistics and Performance Index (LPI) – coming second for ‘Infrastructure’ and third for ‘Logistics competence’. It is also ranked first by the World Economic Forum (WEF) for the quality of its road network.

5 reasons to harness the Dutch logistics sector

International Tax Partner Toine Geesink guides you through the top-five reasons why the Netherlands is considered one of the world’s leading logistics hotspots.


A springboard to Europe

The world-class Dutch infrastructure makes it easy for companies to transport goods from A to B. Meanwhile, the country’s favorable geographical location within the ‘Blue Banana’ urban corridor offers easy access to lucrative Northern and Central European markets. More than 170 million consumers live within 24 hours of Amsterdam or Rotterdam.

For these key reasons, companies from around the world have selected the Netherlands as the base for their European logistics and distribution operations, ranging from logistics specialists, including UPS and DHL, to leading global consumer brands like Coca-Cola and Tommy Hilfiger. In total, non-European companies currently operate around 1,000 logistics and distribution centers across the country.

The oil in your supply chain

At Bol International, we help clients of all sizes and across a broad range of industries to run their logistics and distribution operations here in the Netherlands. As experts on a wide array of technical and operational matters, our advisors work hard to make sure your supply chain operates as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

We do this through delivering first-class specialist advice regarding taxVAT representation and other essential matters, as well as comprehensive outsourcing support for your accountingHR and payroll operations.

With vast experience working with foreign clients from around the world, our team’s global mindset and approach complement their unrivaled knowledge of the Dutch regulatory and business environment. Drawing on our international knowledge and networks, including the Leading Edge Alliance (LEA), we are able to advise on transferring goods or personnel between countries or arranging in-country support in specific markets when required.

International business in the Netherlands? Let us help!

At Bol International, we offer international clients with operations in the Netherlands a one-stop shop for their professional services and advisory needs. Contact a member of our team today to find out exactly how we can help you.

Mark Lomme

Director Bol International