Leading Edge Alliance

Understanding the local legislation and regulations of different states can be complex and time-consuming, especially as the arena is constantly changing. Therefore, it makes sense for us to connect our clients with an overseas expert who fully understands the local market environment where they operate.

Domestic offices are in tune with the local business culture and the specific regulations and conventions of their jurisdiction. They can offer an ‘insider’s view’ – a unique perspective that non-nationals often lack.

As members of leading international professional networks, including the Leading Edge Alliance (LEA) and BOKS International (BOKS), we have access to a vast network of international accountants and tax consultants – people who know their home market inside out, just as we do.

The LEA is one of the largest and most respected international professional associations of its kind, comprising around 225 closely aligned independent accountancy and consultancy offices across 110 countries. 15 of these offices are among the 100 highest-ranked US firms.

Meanwhile, BOKS International is a Top 15 global alliance of expert firms providing high-quality professional services and advice. With a rapidly growing global presence made up of accountancy and law firms worldwide, their cross-border service offering facilitates the international operations of businesses of all sizes and ambition, whatever their needs.

LEA Global firm members don’t need to search on Google to find the best expert in an unfamiliar industry or geographic area for their clients – they already know the right people to contact within the alliance.
Leading Edge Alliance
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A portal to the world

These networks provide a unique platform where independent advisory practices like Bol International can share information and help each other to support their clients in their cross-border activities by working toward common goals. This support can take the form of knowledge exchange or sharing contacts and referrals for specific industries and markets.

The fact that we are in regular contact with hundreds of leading legal and tax advisory professionals directly benefits our clients who are, for example, looking for specific in-country tax support or VAT representation in specific markets.

As we meet our LEA and BOKS colleagues personally at regular meetings and conferences, they are more than just a name in a phonebook. So, if we are looking for information about a specific issue, a quick call or email exchange will usually lead us to the answers.

When our clients have questions about a specific market, we can provide them with the advice they need or arrange external support. In the rare event that we do not have a local partner in a particular country, we can usually identify a reliable connection in a neighboring country.

Supporting firm growth and development, BOKS International offers clients fast and reliable access to quality-assured accounting and legal professionals across the globe.
BOKS International
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Working with your local consultant

Is your own consultant not associated with the LEA or BOKS? That’s no problem at all. We will find a way of working with your business relations that meets everyone’s needs.