Whether you are a Dutch company looking to hire internationally or send employees abroad, or an international company with staff stationed in the Netherlands, our experts will advise you every step of the way. With Bol International on your side, you will not only be prepared for the challenges that an international workforce brings, but also ready to reap the benefits. And thanks to our excellent networks both in the Netherlands and around the world, you will benefit from a helping hand wherever you choose to hire or send your employees.

International employee mobility expertise

Our cross-disciplinary teams and partner firms can guide you through every aspect of your international hiring journey — with experts in tax, labor and immigration law, HR, payroll, and pensions. From initial discussions to drafting labor contracts, we can provide you with a dedicated advisor, a personalized employee mobility roadmap, and global expertise.

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Global perspective, individualized service

Bol International helps your workforce thrive wherever you do business. We will be there to answer all your employee mobility questions and make your international hiring journey as smooth as possible. For instance, if you want to move your head office from France to Rotterdam, we will give you a detailed, holistic breakdown of the costs and benefits for employees. This includes “benefits-in-kind” such as social security cover for illness and disabilities, and tax incentives (including the 30% ruling). Combining all this information, we produce a “Net Spendable Income” metric per employee to help you make the right decision.

Your dedicated Bol International advisor will also keep you up to date on the latest regulatory developments, so you never have to worry about being taken by surprise. We will highlight the potential risks of a particular hiring strategy— as well as any benefits you may be missing out on — ensuring that your growing global workforce remains satisfied, productive, and profitable.

We can advise you on even your most specific global mobility questions. For example, if you have a cross-border-commuting employee who works partly from home, we can tell you exactly how to arrange a split payroll that complies with all relevant fiscal regulations. Our international labor law experts can also provide comprehensive information on all aspects of social security and employee rights, such as sick pay allocations across different jurisdictions.

At Bol International, we go into the detail, so you don’t have to. Our A–Z one-stop-shop service covers every issue you’ll face when hiring or moving employees abroad. And thanks to our personalized, hands-on approach, you’ll never be left in the dark or sent an automated email. Growing your global workforce has never been more straightforward!
Ton Hendriks - Senior Global Mobility Advisor
Ton Hendriks

Benefit from our global networks

With Bol International in your corner, you will have access to our network of partner firms and in-country experts around the world. In addition to our local networks here in the Netherlands, these include the Leading Edge Alliance (LEA), a global community of 190 leading accounting and consulting firms and BOKS International, a Top 15 global alliance of expert firms providing high-quality professional services and advice. So, whichever international markets you are working with, the answers you need to make the most of your global workforce are never more than a phone call or an email away.

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Discover how Bol International can help you

There is no question too small for Bol International’s global employee mobility advisors. From the 30% ruling to international labor laws to pension regulations, we can provide all the answers you need. We have already helped a wide range of companies to make their international hiring journeys a success. So, get in contact to discuss your needs today!