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Many international organizations with employees in the Netherlands choose to outsource their payroll and HR functions to a Dutch-based partner. Outsourcing can be a cost-effective solution for employers with small- or medium-scale operations in particular, offering an alternative to running an in-house HR department in the Netherlands.

An experienced payroll or HR advisor can also help larger businesses to navigate the Netherlands’ often complex employment landscape, ensuring best practice and avoiding potential complications or penalties.

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A one-stop shop for all your employment needs

At Bol International, we provide a variety of payroll and HR services, which can be tailored to suit the specific nature of your business and its needs.

Around the world, we support more than 1,100 employers of different sizes and across a diverse range of industries. We take the demands of day-to-day HR and payroll administration off our clients’ hands, and also advise them on a wide range of employment-related issues.

From payroll, to employee documentation, tax and pensions, performance management, employee sickness and more complex HR issues, our specialists cover every relevant area. Our team of expert consultants work hard to provide peace of mind and deliver a positive experience for their clients and their staff.

We aim to be a seamless extension of your business for your employees –so that your HR and payroll functions operate as if you were actually here on the ground.
Hein Vriens - HR Consultant
Hein Vriens LR

Expert support - when you need it most

With a deep knowledge of the Netherlands employment market, our job is to make sure your HR operations run as smoothly as possible – by ensuring compliance with Dutch employment requirements and preventing fines and supplementary tax assessments. We can also help you to access tax-exemption schemes and other benefits.

You’ll be matched with an experienced senior consultant who speaks your language. Your consultant will be available to manage your queries and concerns, while working proactively to foresee and prevent potential issues for your business.

As our client, you’ll also gain access to our best-in-class online payroll administration IT interface. As such, you’ll have full operational oversight over your HR and payroll operations, as well as access to critical personnel information whenever you need it.

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