These advantages have given rise to world-class industry clusters in fields such as health and life sciences, food and nutrition, energy and utilities, technology, engineering and materials, and countless others. This provides a hotbed for innovation and research.

A world-class R&D environment

Some of the world’s most innovative organizations now choose the Netherlands for their laboratories, innovation labs and testing facilities. Drawn from a broad cross-sector of industries, they include IBM, Intel, Mars, DSM, Philips and Huawei, to name just a few. In conjunction with generous R&D tax credits, their work is made possible by the Netherlands’ outstanding infrastructure, as well as its leading technical universities and highly educated multilingual workforce.

Importantly, knowledge, talent and expertise are distributed throughout the country – from Rotterdam and the Hague to Groningen, Arnhem, Utrecht and Maastricht. With top-quality talent and expertise never far from reach, this unique landscape is driving a steady stream of new inventions and technologies.


Supporting your success

At Bol International, we help foreign companies of all sizes, and from around the globe, to make the most of the world-class opportunities on offer here in the Netherlands. Whether their expertise lies in manufacturing, engineering, food production or in emerging technologies, our clients know they can rely on the essential support of our experienced international advisors.

From helping to drive compliance on issues such as tax and audits to providing outsourcing support for your HR and payroll departments, our international team is available to make sure your Dutch operations run as efficiently – and effortlessly – as possible. Our conscientious, personalized approach and meticulous attention to detail allow you to focus your attention on research and innovation, and on developing new products and solutions for your customers.

International business in the Netherlands? Let us help

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