Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies can be used to recognize you when you visit our website again. As a result, the website can be specifically set to your preferences. If you have given us permission to place cookies, the persistent cookie will indicate this. In this way you don’t have to repeat your preferences over and over again, which saves you time and makes it easier for you to use our website. You can delete persistent cookies via the settings of your browser (you can read how to do this on the website of the Consumentenbond (in Dutch only).


Session cookies

Session cookies can be used to keep track of which web pages you visit and which options you use on the website. We use this information to optimize our website for your convenience. For that matter, we also make use of Hubspot. You can read the Hubspot Data Processing Agreement here. Session cookies are only active during your visit to the website and are automatically deleted as soon as you close your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.).

Session cookies allow us to see which parts of our website you viewed during your visit. This information enables us to tailor our services as much as possible to the needs of our website visitors. These cookies are automatically deleted as soon as you close your web browser.


Google Analytics cookies

We use Google Analytics cookies for our web statistics. Google Analytics gives us information about how visitors use our website. This gives us insight into how we can improve our website. We have entered into a data processing agreement with Google. We have also set up our Google Analytics account in accordance with the ‘Google Analytics Privacy Friendly Setup Manual’ (drawn up by the Data Protection Authority). This means that the last octet of your IP address is masked, that the ‘data sharing’ option is disabled, and that we do not use any other Google services in conjunction with the Google Analytics cookies. The data in Google Analytics can therefore not be traced back to individual visitors. 


Social media buttons and hyperlinks

You can find social media buttons on various web pages. These refer to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. By clicking on the buttons, you can share the information on the page using the social media mentioned. The buttons work the same as all other hyperlinks on our website. This means that when visitors click on them, no personal data will be processed. Please note that clicking on these buttons or external hyperlinks will take you to an external website of a party other than Bol Adviseurs. We have no influence on what is stated on these websites, how they deal with privacy and personal data, and which cookies they use. We advise you to check this yourself on the website in question. 


Deleting cookies

In your browser settings you can indicate that you want to be notified whenever a cookie is placed on your computer. You can even opt to block the installation of all cookies. This does, however, have consequences for the use of our website (and other websites). It may be that some parts of the website can’t be viewed properly and that certain functionalities cannot be used.

For more information about enabling, disabling and deleting cookies, please refer to the instructions and/or the help function of your browser.


More information

More information about this subject can be found in our Privacy Statement and in our (recently updated) General Terms and Conditions. More general information about cookies can be found on the following web pages: