Navigating Dutch Compliance: A Comprehensive Guide for International Businesses

Navigating Dutch Compliance

Embarking on an international business venture often entails navigating a myriad of rules and regulations unique to each country. Having spent years in the U.K. accounting sector and the last five years at Bol International in The Netherlands, I have firsthand experience with the differences and challenges faced in both countries. In this blog, we'll explore the key Dutch compliance aspects that international businesses need to address, and how Bol International can assist in ensuring a smooth and compliant operation.

1. Dutch Payroll Compliance

One of the major differences in running a business in The Netherlands lies in ensuring that your staff are paid within the statutory requirements set out by the Dutch tax authorities. Our experienced HRM department, along with our HR, Legal, and expat teams, can guide you through the complexities of pension obligations, social security contributions, holiday allowances, sick pay entitlements, and employment contracts in both Dutch and English. Seamless integration of our HRM software with your accounting package ensures monthly payroll journals are automatically uploaded, maintaining compliance in your financial administration.


2. Tackling VAT Challenges

VAT (BTW in The Netherlands) can be a source of confusion and concern. Our International VAT team specializes in addressing challenges related to filing deadlines, reclaiming VAT, rules on importing goods, and applying for Article 23 licenses. Post-Brexit, our team has successfully assisted clients in overcoming new challenges, providing tailored solutions, and guiding them on the best practices for their business.


3. Up-to-Date Financial Administration

Compliance in The Netherlands mandates a clean and up-to-date financial administration. Our International accounting team ensures your administration is meticulously maintained, with monthly or quarterly updates and direct links to Tax authorities for timely filings. Whether using our financial software or your preferred administration package, Bol can guide you through implementation, ensuring correct postings to ledger accounts for accurate VAT returns.


4. Language Assistance

Navigating Dutch tax authorities can be daunting, especially when correspondence is in the Dutch language. Bol International is here to assist non-Dutch-speaking clients by translating documents and providing guidance on necessary actions.



At Bol International, we take pride in offering a friendly, personable, and knowledgeable service. Our commitment is to guide international entities through the intricate web of Dutch compliance rules, ensuring your Dutch B.V. operates smoothly and adheres to all regulatory requirements. If you're ready to streamline your international business operations in The Netherlands, Bol International is your trusted partner.