Bol International at Amsterdam's IamExpat Fair

Bol International at Amsterdam's IamExpat Fair
When you’re arriving in a new country, there's nothing like having a helping hand to point you in the right direction. And for those landing on Dutch soil, the IamExpat website is often the first port of call. Founded and run by expats, it provides a wealth of information for internationals coming to settle in the Netherlands. This includes news and advice on a range of essential topics such as housing, education, and careers, to make your move as smooth as possible.

Twice a year, IamExpat holds a one-day convention. With more than 22,000 attendees, the IamExpat Fair is the leading fair for internationals in the Netherlands. It brings together the best service providers and organizations catering to internationals, alongside a broad program of workshops, presentations, and activities. On Saturday, April 9, our very own Jasper Krul and Derek Knetter headed to the Amsterdam edition of the fair to represent Bol International for the very first time. It was the perfect occasion to spread the word about the services Bol International offers for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to set up or expand in the Netherlands.

Making an impression

Having set off early from Nijmegen, Jasper and Derek secured a prime location next to the event stages and were soon interacting with a steady stream of business-minded expats, corporate representatives, and entrepreneurs. The conversations covered a wide range of topics, but all had a common thread: how to navigate setting up or expanding a business in the Netherlands. Thankfully, Bol International offers the full spectrum of expat-focused business services – including accounting, compliance, corporate structuring, and HR and payroll – to make the transition to the Dutch market as seamless as possible. Having planned their approach months in advance with the leadership and marketing teams, Jasper and Derek knew exactly how to pitch Bol International’s unique business services. And it certainly paid off! “There was never a dull moment as far as inquiries were concerned,” confirms Derek. “We were able to help hundreds of expats with their queries, and we hope to continue many of those conversations further down the line.” There was particular interest in Bol’s COVID-19 Crisis team, who are always on hand to help clients navigate the intricacies of COVID-related regulations across multiple borders.

Global perspectives

The IamExpat Fair is a truly international event, with attendees from as far away as India, South Africa, and the USA keen to ask Jasper and Derek’s advice about setting up operations in the Netherlands. Many were especially interested in finding out more about tax and financial affairs – including Expat services – which Bol specializes in arranging for international companies and entrepreneurs. Another common theme was setting up a European HQ with an eye to European expansion, which is another of Bol International’s specialisms. “It’s no surprise that so many internationals are keen to set up shop in the Netherlands,” explains Jasper. “In terms of competitiveness, European connectivity, and infrastructure, it really is hard to beat.”

Your one-stop-shop for expat services

Bol International provides a true “one-stop-shop” solution for international businesses and entrepreneurs looking to put down roots in the Netherlands. “The service we offer is quite unique,” says Jasper. “So, attending events like this is a great way to get the message out to a broader audience than we could reach from just marketing on LinkedIn for example.” Being able to talk directly to potential clients was also a great way to give a taste of the personal service that Bol International can offer. With dedicated country desks for the UK, the USA, Germany, and China, you can be sure of getting tailored, expert advice no matter where your business originates. “We are a full-service advisory firm, with streamlined communication and dedicated experts, so we’re with you at every stage of your international business journey,” concludes Derek. “We’re excited to continue the conversations that were started at the IamExpat fair, and we’re already looking forward to the next event later this year!”

As your one-stop-shop for expat services, Bol International can help your business navigate the complexities of setting up or expanding your business in the Netherlands. Contact us today to find out how we can best support you.