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The Government measures to counter the spread of COVID-19 has a large impact on daily life in the Netherlands. Everyone experiences the consequences of government policies to contain and counter the virus. For entrepreneurs, it remains uncertain times. The Dutch government published several sets of economic support measures. These measures are detailed and are subject to constant change.

We formed a Corona Crisis Team at Bol international to support entrepreneurs with the economic support measures. The Corona Crisis Team is a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, each specialist in his or her own field, but all with a common goal: to help our customers through this COVID-19 crisis. Below you will find our team members and their respective field of expertise. Please reach out to any of our team members for assistance. In addition to our Corona Crisis Team, you can find the latest news on Dutch measures and cross-border interactions at our Corona Reporting webpage.

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Most relevant subjects:

Point of contact

The COVID-19 crisis has substantial impact on all aspects of the business environment. Feel free to contact our international team members Toine Geesink, Kevin Smit and Mark Lomme or reach out directly to our specialists listed below.

Toine: call: +31 88 1211 353 or Contact Toine directly
Kevin: call: +31 88 1211 319 or Contact Kevin directly
Mark: call: +31 88 1211 310 or Contact Mark directly


The Temporary Emergency Bridging Measure for Sustained Employment (NOW, Tijdelijke Noodmaatregel Overbrugging voor Werkbehoud) is a subsidy scheme applied for by many entrepreneurs. The NOW 3 is already announced, while entrepreneurs might encounter complex issues on NOW 1.0 or 2.0 as each set has its own details.

Our NOW-desk relieves entrepreneurs in all areas of the NOW schemes. For example, we have developed a QuickScan to determine whether a repayment risk could affect your company and we can recommend the next steps to be taken. Bas Jeckmans, Robin Geerts and Jeroen Reijs are part of this NOW desk. Bas, Robin and Jeroen can be reached by telephone or by email via the buttons below.

Bas: call: +31 88 1211 346 or Contact Bas directly
Robin: call: +31 88 1211 316 or Contact Robin directly
Jeroen: call: +31 88 1211 314 or Contact Jeroen directly

Reimbursement Fixed Costs Scheme (TVL)

As of June 30, 2020, SMEs and self-employed persons who suffer at least 30% loss of turnover as a result of the crisis measures surrounding the corona virus can apply for the Reimbursement Fixed Costs Scheme (TVL, Tegemoetkoming Vaste lasten) of up to € 50,000. The same affected sectors from the TOGS scheme (closed on June 26) are eligible for the TVL. The TVL helps SMEs with a maximum of 250 employees to pay part of their fixed costs in the months of June, July, August and September 2020.

Joyce de Graaff, Bas Jeckmans and Jeroen Reijs can inform you about the exact conditions for the TVL, the amount of the TVL subsidy and can help you submit an application. Joyce, Bas and Jeroen can be reached by phone or via the buttons below.

Bas: call: +31 88 1211 346 or Contact Bas directly
Joyce: call: +31 88 1211 443 or Contact Joyce directly
Jeroen: call: +31 88 1211 314 or Contact Jeroen directly

Emergency Tax Measures

Several emergency tax measures are in place to mitigate the economic consequences of the Corona virus. Amongst others, the personal income tax and corporate income tax assessments can be lowered if less profit is expected as a result of COVID-19. Payment of taxes can be deferred upon request without having to pay a default penalty. Tax specialist Marcel Peusens can explain what options are available and he can assist you with the deferment request. Marcel can be reached by telephone or email via the button below.

Marcel: call: +31 88 1211 455 or Contact Marcel directly


Many entrepreneurs will miss out on income or production due to COVID-19. Liquidity problems may soon occur. One of the measures is the extension of the Guarantee Credit for SMEs (BMKB); the Dutch government will largely guarantee temporary extra credit. In a broader sense, the financial position of your company should be closely monitored. Senior Consultant Corporate Finance Ralf Stubbe can assist you with maintaining the liquidity of your company, for example by making a financing request with BMKB or a request for deferral of repayments. Ralf can be reached by phone or email via the button below.

Ralf: call: +31 88 1211 393 or Contact Ralf directly

Inability to Pay and Insolvency Counselling

The measures taken countering the spread of COVID-19 are drastic and may have major financial consequences for entrepreneurs. Despite the economic support measures, bankruptcies cannot be ruled out. In the event of an (imminent) bankruptcy as a result of COVID-19, it is important to reach out to a specialist timely to limit any damage to the extent possible. Lawyer Renate Baken will support you through insolvency counseling, for example by drafting a report of insolvency. She could also assist you in case of pending direct debits or other payment problems. Renate can be reached by phone or email via the button below.

Renate: call: +31 88 1211 339 or Contact Renate directly

Discussion about General Terms & Conditions and Delivery Obligations

Due to COVID-19 entrepreneurs may encounter (supply) problems. Discussions about liability and force majeure are lurking. It is therefore important to have an insight into the agreements made with your customers and/or suppliers and to know which legislation you can rely on when such discussions arise. Lawyer Renate Baken can help you with this. She can be reached by phone or email via the button below.

Renate: call: +31 88 1211 339 or Contact Renate directly

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