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Expert advice and support for businesses with employees in the Netherlands.

The number of specific labor laws, penalties and advantages to be aware of can make re-locating employees to the Netherlands a complex process. In particular, an employer may need to choose between keeping non-Dutch (expat) personnel stationed in the Netherlands on the payroll in their country of origin or bringing them onto their Dutch payroll.

Such decisions can be difficult, with several factors to be taken into account, including aspects regarding social security, tax, and pensions and benefits. Dutch labor law can also differ from other countries in several respects. For example, workers in the Netherlands are entitled to two years’ paid sick leave. Recent changes to the 30% tax exemption facility for expat workers are also cause for consideration.

Giving you the 'Helicopter view'

It’s critical that you make the right choices for your employees, as well as for your business. Next to the financial implications of your decision, there could be other potential risks or penalties that you’re not aware of, or benefits you’re missing out on. At Bol International, our job is to make sure you are fully informed of the potential outcomes of your actions – before you make them.

Thanks to the excellent, multi-disciplinary expertise within our Expat Services team, we can provide all the information you need under one roof. Our team of expert advisors includes specialists on a vast range of Dutch employment matters, including: payroll, taxation, labor law, pensions and benefits, as well as various other specialisms. Together, our advisors can offer you a comprehensive, 360° Helicopter overview – and a one-stop shop for all your employment queries and concerns.

“Rather than having to consult separate advisors in different offices or countries, we can offer the advice and support you need from a single source. This is true one-stop shopping.” Ton Hendriks Senior Expat Advisor

Specific country-to-country advice

Drawing on our international networks and contacts, we can also provide comparisons between Dutch employment legislation and those of other markets. As an active member of the Leading Edge Alliance (LEA) – a global community of 190 leading accounting and consulting firms – we are able to connect directly with relevant in-country experts around the world. In this way, we can help guide your decision-making in the right way, saving you time, money and stress.  

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