Working with Friends: A Catalyst for Global Collaboration within the Field of Accountancy and Tax Advisory

Working With Friends: experienced by Tiago Schotten

In an increasingly interconnected world, the need for global collaboration in the field of accountancy and tax advisory has never been more pressing. Recognizing this, Bol International has played a pioneering role in the "Working with Friends" program. An innovative initiative, first piloted in October 2023, under the umbrella of LEA Global, with the aim to share knowledge, experiences, and build a network with other (young) colleagues from other firms in the LEA Global Network. In this article we take a closer look at how we experienced the program and what made it such a success.

Working with Friends: Beyond Professional Development

According to participant’s feedback, everyone benefitted immensely from this program. Our personal experience matches this feedback. We gained a deeper understanding of diverse professional experiences and management styles. As our International’s VAT advisor, Tiago Schotten, quotes “It was amazing to observe different practices among various offices in Europe and to discover that we are actually doing a great job at Bol International!’’. Working with Friends brings (young) professionals together and facilitated client referrals and collaborations, enhancing service quality between Nations and strengthening bonds within the LEA Global network.


Working with Friends: A Step Towards a Collaborative Future

Overall, the "Working with Friends" program was a success. It is more than an exchange: it's a catalyst for building a robust, interconnected network of skilled professionals, and a real investment for the future in global accountancy. Regarding the future, the extension of the program would give Bol International the opportunity to constantly learn from others, expand its network, offer personal growth, and provide more opportunities for younger employees.