A Year in Review: Bol International's 2023 Milestones and Global Engagements

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As we approach the end of 2023, it's time to look back at an eventful year for our firm. but also celebrated significant internal achievements. From international conferences to enriching internal events, let’s delve deeper into the moments that made this year exceptional.

1. Vandelanotte 75 Year Anniversary (9 March 2023)

In March, we had the honor of attending the 75th anniversary of Vandelanotte, a fellow LEA Global firm. Founded in 1948 by Roger Vandelanotte, the firm has grown from a bold idea into a successful enterprise with over 600 employees. This event was not just a celebration of longevity but also a testament to the visionary spirit and resilience in the accounting field.


2. LEA Global - European Conference in Rome (27-29 April 2023)

The LEA Global European Conference in Rome was a highlight of our year. Our team engaged in enriching dialogues on the evolving landscape of international accounting and finance. Keynote speakers from diverse backgrounds provided insights into emerging global trends, and our representatives actively contributed to panel discussions on cross-border collaborations and digital transformation in accounting.


3. BOKS International - European Conference in Prague (8-9 June 2023)

At the BOKS International European Conference in Prague, we dove deep into specialized subjects. The first day was dedicated to an in-depth exploration of international tax and VAT, resonating with our firm’s expertise. This was an excellent opportunity for our tax professionals to exchange knowledge, discuss challenges, and explore innovative solutions in these fields.


4. #DMCD 2023 (10 October 2023)

The DMCD event stood out as a testament to our commitment to personal and professional growth. We engaged in workshops and sessions focusing on our core values, with an emphasis on fostering a forward-looking mindset. The event was a blend of strategic planning, team-building activities, and personal development workshops, ensuring that each colleague gained valuable insights.


5. Working with Friends Pilot in London (16-27 October 2023)

Participating in the 'Working with Friends' pilot in London opened new avenues for international cooperation. This two-week program included collaborative projects, networking sessions, and discussions on global accounting practices. Our team worked closely with international counterparts, gaining insights into different markets and fostering long-term professional relationships.


6. BOKS International - World Conference in Barcelona (19-20 October 2023)

The BOKS International World Conference in Barcelona was an invaluable platform for global networking. Key discussions centered around the future of finance, the impact of technology on accounting, and the importance of sustainable practices in our industry. Our participation underscored our firm's commitment to staying at the forefront of global accounting trends.


7. LEA Global - World Conference in Washington (24-27 October 2023)

Finally in October, we participated in the LEA Global World Conference held in Washington D.C. The conference, hosted at the Watergate Hotel in Georgetown, brought together 117 members from 44 firms across three regions, including prospective firms from the UK and Luxembourg. The focus of this event was on building connections, deepening relationships, and fostering dialogue on emerging topics in the tax & accounting sector. The sessions covered a wide range of subjects, from technology's role in driving firm value to generative AI, wealth management, ESG, and risk management. The event also included unique social activities, such as a miniature golf event and a nighttime tour of Washington D.C.'s illuminated monuments, leveraging the beautiful fall weather and the scenic location along the Potomac River.

2023 has been a year of expansive growth, learning, and international collaboration for our firm. Each event we participated in or hosted not only enriched our understanding of the global accounting landscape but also strengthened our team's cohesion and sense of purpose. As we look towards the future, we are excited to build on these experiences and continue driving innovation and excellence in our field.