Toine Geesink

Board Member | International Business Expert

Toine Geesink (1967) is heading our international practice, the US – Netherlands Desk and the “Tax Knowledge Center”. He mainly focuses on the international tax consultancy practice (in- and outbound). The emphasis here is on withholding taxes, EU Directives (i.a. ATAD2, ATAD3), permanent establishments, OECD initiatives, supply chain management, transfer pricing etc. In addition he supports the national tax practice in challenging tax-technical customer situations and specializes in privacy issues for wealthy families. In 2006 he became an (International) Tax Partner of Bol International. 

Education and career

After living in Canada for one year Toine studied Civil and Penal law at the University of Utrecht and Tax Law at Tilburg University. Beside that he completed the post-Master program European Tax Studies at Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

In 1995 Toine started as a tax adviser at PwC in Eindhoven. As a member of the ‘Belgium Desk’, he was specialized in the tax aspects of the cross-border traffic between the Netherlands, Belgium and Curacao. As a result he worked one day a week at the office in Antwerp, Belgium.

Tilburg University

Qualifications and experience

Toine is a co-chairman of the International Tax Special Interest Group of the Leading Edge Alliance. He is also a member of the International Fiscal Association (IFA). Toine is a frequent speaker for groups of international tax experts and visits the US several times a year. In 2000 en 2001 Toine worked as an International Tax and Legal Director for a Dutch/Swiss based company in the construction and telecom business with world wide operations.


Other relevant information

In addition to his professional career Toine served as a coach of the Dutch Junior National Ice Hockey Team (U16) and was a co-commentator for Eurosport for games of the National Hockey League, several World Championships and the Nagano Winter Olympic Games. During his academic career he played professional ice hockey and played ten years for the Dutch National Ice Hockey team. He also was a member of the ‘Athletes Committee’ of the Dutch Olympic Committee.


Toine has frequently contributed to the authoritative (Dutch) weekly tax law magazine Weekblad Fiscaal Recht.

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Toine Geesink

Board Member | International Business Expert