Patrick Lambrechts

Board Member | Estate Planner | Tax Advisor

The ambitious Patrick Lambrechts (1979) has worked in the general tax practice at Bol Adviseurs since 2005. He has been a partner with Bol Adviseurs and borne joint responsibility for managing the tax department and the recently established Family Desk since 2014. Within the Family Desk Patrick’s passion is solving issues at the intersection of business and private. In these matters it is not the enterprise but the entrepreneur and the people around him who take central stage. Together with the entrepreneur he travels through time, focussing on career steps, events in private life and dreams for the future. Thus subjects arise such as will, prenuptial agreement, gifts to children, pension, (future) transfer of the business and looking after surviving relatives.

Education and career

After studying Tax Law at the University of Tilburg Patrick entered employment as tax advisor at Ernst & Young in Eindhoven. In 2005 he made a well thought through transfer to Bol Adviseurs. Personal contact with entrepreneurs and searching for a goal orientated solution on a basis of equality is and remains the main driving force behind him. In 2014 Patrick successfully completed the specialist course Estate Planning. Since then he has been listed in the Register Estate Planning. In 2018, he completed the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) program. As CEPA-graduate, Patrick is a member the very select and exclusive group of certified CEPA’s around the world.


Qualifications and experience

Patrick was born and bred in the region of Eindhoven. After his transfer to Bol Adviseurs he built up a professional network in the home region of Bol Adviseurs: het Land van Cuijk, Boxmeer and Noord-Limburg. Within this region Patrick is part of several networks, where he represents Bol Adviseurs with great enthusiasm. Additionally he is regularly approached to give lectures about the Family Desk and taxation as part of management trainings for entrepreneurs.

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Other relevant information

In his professional career Patrick is supported by his own family: his wife and two sons Cas and Siem. In addition Patrick loves adventurous travel very much. He uses his experiences from various countries in his profession on a daily basis. Among other things he learned to have a goal in mind and stay the course, but also to be flexible in your path to the intended destination.

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Patrick Lambrechts

Board Member | Estate Planner | Tax Advisor