Ivonne van Duren

Tax Advisor

Ivonne van Duren (1974) has been employed at Bol Adviseurs since 2002. She has specialised in cross-border employee traffic. This is why Ivonne works at the Netherlands-Germany Desk and the Netherlands-Belgium Desk. Her work consists of advice on cross-border employment (taxation and social law), the 30% ruling, salary split and construction permits and regulation both in Germany and Belgium. Ivonne attempts to exclude the client’s chance of fines and investigations and to show the client around the maze of the international rules of the game. Ivonne sees the variation in her work, especially the language, as a challenge.

Education and career

In 1997 Ivonne graduated from the HEAO and started with studying Dutch Law at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. In 2002 she completed her education, after which she entered into employment at Bol Adviseurs. Ivonne obtained her RB title in 2007. Throughout the years she took several specialist courses in the area of cross-border employee traffic.


Qualifications and experience

Externally Ivonne represents Bol Adviseurs at various presentations about cross-border employee traffic.

Other relevant information

As counterpart to her work in the office Ivonne finds it important to be outside in nature with her family and pets in her spare time. Additionally she enjoys being creative with among others photography and gardening.

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Ivonne van Duren

Tax Advisor