Han Peelen

Senior Accountant

Han Peelen (1983) has been employed by Bol International since 2006. His main focus, accounting projects, covers a wide range of fields: the settlement of annual reports, providing insights into financial figures and acting as a sparring partner for SME entrepreneurs. In addition to advising and supporting both national and international companies, Han is also increasingly focusing on business controlling. It is important to him to form a team together with the client.

Education and career

In 2006 Han graduated at the Arnhem Business School as a Bachelor of Business Administration in Business & Economics. He started as assistant accountant and professionally grew up with Bol International, finished his Post-bachelor education program and became “Accountant-Administratieconsulent”. In 2016 Han started with a new education program to become a Tax Accountant.

Qualifications and experience

Han works in different roles on various assignments, whereby his knowledge and expertise has been expanded. Han has experience with compilations of statutory accounts, corporate income tax returns and the consolidation of financial statements. Furthermore, Han is involved in the business controlling project, focusing in particular on signaling problems and providing solutions.

Other relevant information

Han has two passions in his spare time. One of them is football. He likes to play in a team and also fulfills the role of treasurer of the local football club. In addition, the ease of traveling appeals to him. He learned to deal with flexibility and gave him great experiences.

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Han Peelen

Senior Accountant