Company history

Below you can see how history has brought us to where we are now.

  • 2018

    Nijmegen office moves to Wijchen

    Nijmegen office moves to Wijchen. On 1 August 2018, Bol Nijmegen moved to the other side of the street (Wijchen). Although it is only a stone’s throw away, the new office building offers an appropriate, inspiring and modern working environment that matches Bol’s ambitions. It is the central location from which the entire Assurance department works.

  • 2018

    Schijndel office moves to Veghel

    At the end of 2017, Bol Schijndel moved to Veghel. From an office location that is fully equipped for the ‘new way of working’, the organization sees more opportunities for commercial expansion in the Meierij City.

  • 2017

    Robèrt Meijer becomes a partner

    Robèrt Meijer joined Bol Adviseurs in 2008 as Senior Consultant Corporate Finance, but grew to become managing director of the Corporate Finance team. On 1 January 2017, Robèrt joined the Board of Directors of Bol Adviseurs. His role as Partner includes responsibility for the Corporate Finance Team.

  • 2017

    Pedro Verdijck and Henny Kuijpers step down as partners

    Bol bade farewell to Henny Kuijpers and Pedro Verdijck as board members in an appropriate manner. Both gentlemen will remain involved in (major) highlights at the company.

  • 2016

    Ivan Maes and Roy Verbroekken made partners

    Ivan Maes and Roy Verbroekken have been partners at Bol since 2016. Within Bol Adviseurs, Ivan is responsible for the Assurance department and the integration and application of IT auditing. Roy is responsible for the entire ICT and he leads the teams involved in the innovative services covered by it.

  • 2015

    Frans Tijssen steps down as partner

    Frans Tijssen was made a partner on 1 January 1992. He stepped down as a partner in 2015, but remained active within Bol, more in the background. Through the years, Frans became a familiar face in Venray and the surrounding area for many customers.

  • 2014

    Patrick Lambrechts made a partner

    Patrick has been a partner at Bol Adviseurs since 2014, with joint responsibility for management of the tax department and the Family Desk he founded. At the Family Desk, Patrick’s passion lies in solving issues where business and personal intersect.

  • 2011

    Bol Adviseurs in use as overarching name

    Bol Accountants operates as all-round business consultancy firm. In addition to accountants, Bol also has in-house tax specialists, lawyers, organization consultants, business experts, Corporate Finance advisors, takeover supervisors, asset planners, payroll administrators and HRM advisors. This broad expertise called for a review of the strategy. This resulted in a new mission in 2010: Bol wants to challenge businesses and employees to grow.

    The tactical development of this mission led – among other things – to a complete corporate identity change in 2011 and the introduction of Bol Adviseurs as overarching (trade) name, and a new logo.

  • 2010

    Paul Lutters made a partner

    Paul Lutters was made a partner on 1 January 2010. At that time he had been employed for exactly 12 years (he joined Bol on 1 January 1998). His role was to support Frans in Venray. In order to be literally closer to the customers, even outside office hours, he also moved to live in Venray.

  • 2009

    Nard Konings steps down as partner

    Nard Konings, who was mistakenly seen by many outsiders as ‘Mister Bol’, decided to hand over the baton to the next generation. He stepped down as a partner on 1 January 2009, but remained active within Bol, more in the background. He is still the biggest ambassador for Bol.

  • 2009

    Opening of satellite office in Amsterdam

    Due to the growing number of foreign customers of Bol International, it was felt there should be a reception location near Schiphol. Bol therefore opened an (unmanned) satellite office for this purpose.

  • 2007

    Pascal Graat made a Partner

    The young Pascal Graat joined Bol Accountants on 10 December 1990. He seized every opportunity to develop himself further. Through the years he became increasingly closely connected with the company and what Bol stands for. After 17 years (as of 1 January 2007), this resulted in him joining the Board of Directors.

  • 2007

    Opening of Nijmegen office

    Whereas the ‘Big 4’ firms moved out of Nijmegen during this period, Bol saw opportunities in this region. Bol opened its office in Nijmegen in 2007. A large part of the work for Bol International’s growing number of foreign customers is based in Nijmegen.

  • 2006

    Toine Geesink made a partner

    International tax specialist Toine Geesink joined Bol in 2001. He considerably expanded the number of Bol’s international customers. He was made a partner on 1 January 2006. In addition to international practice, he would also lead the future Nijmegen office.

  • 2003

    Venray office expands considerably

    After 10 years, the office outgrew the building at Hoogakker 15 in Venray, which was opened in 1992. A major renovation was started. After completion in 2003, the office had room for 50 employees, compared to 20 previously.

  • 2002

    Peter van den Elzen made a partner

    Tax specialist Peter van den Elzen joined the company on 30 June 1986. On 1 January 2002 was made a partner at Bol Accountants. He was put in charge of the Schijndel office.

  • 2001

    Merging of Bol Schijndel and Oisterwijk

    The offices in Oisterwijk and Schijndel were merged into a larger and more effective office. The office in Oisterwijk was therefore closed. At that point in time, Bol was no longer physically present in the place where it was once founded.

  • 2000

    Construction of new office for Bol Boxmeer

    Despite the extension of the villa in 1990, the Boxmeer office had become too cramped. After purchasing land from its neighbor on Spoorstraat, Bol commissioned a new building. This made the location future-proof. Part of the building was sublet.

  • 1997

    Pedro Verdijck

    Pedro Verdijck joined the firm on 1 February 1990. He was made a partner on 1 January 1997. As of that date, Bol Accountants was managed by Nard Konings, Henny Kuijpers, Frans Tijssen and Pedro Verdijck.

  • 1996

    Acquisition of Wonders & Wonders (Schijndel)

    With the acquisition of Accountantskantoor Wonders & Wonders, Bol Accountants is also represented in Schijndel.

  • 1994

    Founder L.A. Bol dies

    The firm’s founder died in 1994, but contact with the Bol family remained and they are still involved in major events at the company.

  • 1993

    ACN L.A. Bol becomes Bol Accountants

    The nature of the cooperation in the ACN context was changing. Later it would develop to become a very broad and even international partnership of accountancy firms (Leading Edge and Kreston). In 1992, it was decided to let go of the ACN link in the company name. This was because Accountants Combinatie Nederland L.A. Bol was quite a mouthful. From 1993, the trade and brand name of the company became Bol Accountants.

  • 1992

    New office opens in Venray

    Brabant entrepreneurs, but also increasing numbers of Noord-Limburg entrepreneurs, were finding their way to ACN. To better support them, the company opened an office in Venray at Hoogakker 15 in November 1992. Frans Tijssen, a member of the Board of Directors, moved to this office to direct the employees in Venray.

  • 1992

    Frans Tijssen made a partner

    The successor to Louis Bol had been found: Frans Tijssen joined the company on 1 January 1988. His career took off spectacularly, and after four years he joined the board as a partner on 1 January 1992. He was put in charge of setting up a new office in a new region: Noord-Limburg.

  • 1992

    Founder L.A. Bol says goodbye

    After 40 years of building the company, founder Louis Bol said goodbye to Bol. The name of the organization will always remain as a tribute to its roots and thus a tribute to its founder.

  • 1990

    Boxmeer location expands considerably

    Ten years after ACN moved in, Villa De Körver in Boxmeer had become too small. The villa was therefore extended considerably. The building was completely rebuilt.

  • 1987

    Henny Kuijpers made a partner

    The company was doing well. Henny Kuijpers was one of the company’s talented young employees. He joined the firm on 1 February 1980. Just seven years later, on 1 January 1987, he joined the board as the third partner.

  • 1985

    Nard joins partnership and Bol Boxmeer relocates

    Up to now, founder Louis Bol had been the sole board member of ACN. Given the growth of the company and Nard’s important contribution to this and the role he was already playing in Boxmeer, Louis Bol asked him to join the company. As of 1985, Nard became co-owner in the partnership, together with Louis Bol. In view of the success of Nard in Boxmeer, the office outgrew the building on Van Sasse van IJsselstraat. Accountants Combinatie Nederland (ACN) therefore moved to Villa De Körver on Spoorstraat in Boxmeer.

  • 1975

    Oisterwijk office moves to De Lind

    Due to the company’s growth, the office in Oisterwijk had outgrown its building. The office therefore moved to a larger building at De Lind 4 in Oisterwijk.

    Accountants Combinatie Nederland (ACN)
  • 1966

    Bol comes to Boxmeer

    Louis Bol got to know Nard Konings and recruited him. Nard commenced employment on 1 April 1966. This would later turn out to be a great decision. The two formed a very successful team. Not so much Bol, but rather Nard Konings. He worked in and around Oisterwijk, but the love of his life Joke (who later also became his wife) lived in Boxmeer. That’s why – in all weathers – he commuted endlessly back and forth between Oisterwijk and Boxmeer on his moped to be with his great love. Louis Bol saw this and decided to rent business space in Boxmeer. He challenged Nard to make it a (commercial) success.

  • 1953

    ACN L.A Bol comes into being

    A collaboration with two other independently established RA Accountants (Messrs Top and Brink) from The Hague and Groningen respectively gave rise to the name Accountants Combinatie Nederland (ACN). All three operated under this name, with the addition of their own names. In this case it was therefore: Accountants Combinatie Nederland L.A. Bol.

  • 1952

    Founded by L.A. Bol

    In 1952, Louis Bol started as an independently established accountant. He started the company from his parents’ home in Oisterwijk. In the years following the company’s foundation, Louis successfully built up its customer base.