Reminder: UBO-registration must be completed before March 27, 2022

As you may know, since September 27, 2020, the ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) of Dutch entities must be registered in the UBO register of the Chamber of Commerce. The UBOs of entities incorporated after September 27, 2020 are registered at the same time as the registration in the Trade Register. Entities that were already incorporated before September 27, 2020 should have received a letter from the Chamber of Commerce with a request for registration. Registration must be completed before March 27, 2022. It is advised not to wait until the last minute to register this information.

The obligation to register UBOs lies with the management of the entity. Bol International is therefore not allowed to take care of the UBO registration completely for you, but we can help. For example, we can assist in determining the ownership and control structure or collecting the necessary data to determine the UBOs. You can also contact us with questions about filling in the registration forms.

In specific circumstances it is possible to set up a privacy structure, through restructuring, so that registration of your data can be omitted. Want to know more about this? Please contact our UBO desk via

You can find more information about UBO registration on the website of the Chamber of Commerce.

Do you need help? Contact our UBO-desk!

Do you want to know more or do you have any questions about the UBO registration? Please get in touch with your point of contact at Bol International or consult the UBO desk via We are happy to help you.