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Why involving the US-Netherlands Desk in your business?

Centralizing our specialized and experienced professionals in the US-Netherlands Desk has got great advantages for you as an American company or consultant. Click on the +symbols below to read some good reasons to involve the US-Netherlands Desk when you are planning on bringing your business oversees to the Netherlands.

Focus on America

Collaboration and valuable contacts

Easy access

Great value for money

Best business guides at the US-Netherlands Desk

At the US-Netherlands Desk you will meet the best ‘business guides’ to help you realize your business plans in the Netherlands. Within the US-Netherlands Desk we have broad experience with setting up so called CV-BV structures and the use of so called Cooperatives (Coops). We also have experience with ruling procedures with the APA/ATR Team of the Dutch tax authorities. The US-Netherlands Desk can assist you with much more. Please do check the webpage on our services or call us directly at +31 24 366.69.50 and ask for Toine Geesink