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Legal support

Legal issues touch all aspects of an organisation. This may include establishing or taking over a company, your services or products, hiring and firing personnel. It is advisable to be aware of the legal implications of your actions.

We can record your agreements in a contract and pro-actively cover your risks. Based on our international experience, we understand what is important. Our company offers specialists in the key legal disciplines. They are fully aware of the possibilities and impossibilities of Dutch legislation, and are happy to help you ensure optimal coverage of your legal issues.

We can assist you in the following issues:

  • Labour law
  • Corporate law
  • Rent law
  • Contracts and agreements

Labour law includes all agreements between the employee and employer, including employment contract, trial period, remuneration, leave and dismissal / redundancy. See also the page ‘Dutch labour law’.

Corporate law concerns issues such as establishing or taking over a company. It is advisable to involve Dutch specialists in the Netherlands, as they can prepare indemnity and guarantee clauses. We also collaborate with our other internal specialists, such as tax consultants and auditors. This allows you to make optimal use of Bol’s full service. 

We can advise you on the renting of the company premises and prepare or review the rent or lease contracts. The Netherlands has various rental legislation.

Naturally, as a business, you will want to prepare various conditions and rules, for example buying, loan or pledge contracts. We can also prepare general terms and conditions for you.

If parties are working together, recording the agreements on this collaboration is advisable. Our services also include partnership contracts, shareholder agreements and preventative dispute clauses.

We are happy to help you even if your legal issue is beyond our experience or expertise, as we are closely collaborating with foreign partners. We actively exchange knowledge via various international networks and with our personal contacts throughout the world, we can link you to the right network partner. We can also help you find a notary public. In brief, we will do everything to ensure optimal resolution of your legal issues.