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Corporate Finance

The larger the financial transaction, the higher the risk you incur. When investing across the border, the risks are even higher. This is why it is essential to request local advice in international affairs, both in respect of different legislation and, perhaps just as importantly, a different culture. The local financial advisor can show you the way and help you avoid traps and errors. Bol International is just such a company, a local Dutch player that is happy in this role.

Our international clients are aiming for strategic growth, certainly in the Netherlands. Corporate Finance is a relevant part of international business. Bol International has much to offer in this respect. We have a wide range of deep knowledge and extensive experience in assisting foreign parties.

This includes issues such as:

  • Approaching acquisition candidates;
  • Advice and assistance in preparing the deal;
  • Advice and assistance in the financial issues of the target company;
  • Providing specific Dutch know-how in fiscal and legal terms.

Sparring on the profile of the right candidates, selecting the right companies, financial and other audits of the selected target company are part of Bol Corporate Finance’s daily activities. After completing the financial preparations, we assist you in the deal and carry out the necessary steps for successful completion.

We work with an internal team of specialists, with the project leader serving as your contact. A short and direct line, allowing us to respond quickly, as optimal communication prevents disturbance.

In order to realise your hopes and dreams, our starting point is your own company situation and its sector setting. We will use up-to-date sector information, making use of the knowledge we already have from reference projects.


Can Bol International do a complete a due diligence audit?

A due diligence audit is certainly highly recommended for international business.

Naturally, you will be presented with the target company’s annual financial statements. However, the fact that the figures tally does not necessarily mean they accurately reflect reality.

In a due diligence audit, we review these amounts in process context, looking deeper into the company’s affairs. We ask questions such as: was wage tax applied properly? This will prevent you from receiving any nasty surprises from the Tax Department. A due diligence audit is an excellent method to reveal any ‘skeletons in the closet’.

Can Bol International prepare contracts in accordance with Dutch law?

Yes, we can. Bol International has a legal team with up-to-date knowledge of Dutch labour and commercial law. They work quickly and thoroughly and as this is based on internal communication, you save a work transfer between different service providers.

Is remote consultation a good option?

This is no problem at all to Bol International. We work with the latest communication technology, allowing us to make use of conference calls through chat and webcams.

Furthermore, almost all international specialists are housed in the same building, allowing the project leader to quickly convene an online meeting.