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If you do business in the Netherlands, keeping records and preparing an annual account is mandatory - irrespective of your geographical location. Based on these records, you file a tax bill to the Tax Department and the Tax Department checks if your business management is correct in fiscal terms.

As Dutch accountants are well-versed in all rules and regulations, we recommend you to make use of their services. You can rely on us for information and advice, or outsource the full accounting package up to preparing payments.

In order to ensure that your company details are up to date at all times, we require you to supply your details in due course, and on the other hand you may expect us to process everything upon receipt. We observe a fixed, tried and tested structure, naturally based on automation. For example, we directly read in your invoices and bank transactions. This is all effected via our online accounting package B-Online.

B-Online provides you with 24/7 insight into up-to-date company details. The main advantage is that you can log into any computer or smart phone anywhere in the world and see your business accounts in real time. This allows you to check on the status of your business at any minute - whether you are in the Netherlands or on the other side of the world.

We like being pro-active with our international entrepreneurs. Our specialists monitor your business activities from an expert local (Dutch) perspective. This way, we can point out risks in due time and present you with possible alternatives or measures.

Outsourcing your accounting to Bol International allows you to hand off the processing work of your business management without losing control.


Which administrative obligations apply within the Netherlands?

Keeping records is mandatory regarding the following:

  1. Preparing an ‘ordinary’ statutory account on an annual basis.
  2. For companies, annual accounts must be prepared for filing purposes (Chamber of Commerce).
  3. In order to comply with the duty of filing VAT, company tax and wage tax bills.

What are the requirements to accounts in the Netherlands?

Each country has its own guidelines for annual reporting. That also applies to the Netherlands. If we do your accounts for you, you can rest assured that everything complies with all rules and requirements imposed by the Dutch government.

For consolidation purposes, we can convert the Dutch accounting principles into the consolidation principles applied within your company.

Subsidiaries in various countries?

Our work is done ‘from local to global’. That means that we will complete your accounting work in the Netherlands based on the Dutch rules and regulations, but that we can convert the Dutch accounting principles into the consolidation principles applied within your company for consolidation purposes.