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Methods and Quality

Our people perform their work according to plan, prepare thoroughly and keep themselves well informed, on a structural base. At Bol we believe you are only a true professional if you act like one all the time and wherever you are. It does no matter whether or not it involves a one off piece of advice or the complete supervision of a large project.

In our services we focus on the goals you intend to achieve. For instance finalising a take-over, improving your cashflow, solving on-going organisational problem or optimizing your tax-situation. 

Collaboration with your local consultant

Many entrepeneurs work closely with a local accountant our consultant in your country of origin. When plans to expand to The Netherlands occur, that local adviser probably does not have the insight knowledge of the do's and the don't in The Netherlands. We are happy to work closely with local consultants, to bring the best results for entrepeneurs. We are convinced that the synergy of knowlegde of the entrepeneurs, the local consultant ánd Dutch consultant will deliver the best solutions.

Do you want to know more about our way of working?

Please feel free to contact Bol International. Our staff will be happy to answer all your questions! All contact details you find on our contact page.

Complaints procedure

If you are not fully satisfied in spite of our best efforts to provide the optimal result, you can make use of our complaints procedure, allowing you a clear way to present your problem.

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