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Customer satisfaction and complaints

Bol Consultants is committed to customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to providing high-quality services. This is why we systematically and frequently perform customer satisfaction surveys. Furthermore, satisfaction is a key item when our employees have contact with our customers. However, in spite of our efforts, it is possible that you are not fully satisfied and that this has not yet been discussed. In that case, please allow us to invite your complaints and comments. You can communicate your issue to your regular contact. Alternatively, feel free to contact our Compliance Officer or the Chairman of Bol’s Executive Committee. Naturally, you can rely on confidentiality when processing your complaint.

When to submit a complaint?

Where and how to submit a complaint?

You can submit a complaint by post, e-mail or telephone to the Compliance Officer or the Executive Committee.

Mr A. Klomp is available at:
Mr H. Kuijpers is available at:

Both can be reached by telephone on: +31 (0)485 561 200.

The correspondence address is:
Bol Consultants
FAO Compliance Dept.
P.O. Box 142
5830 AC Boxmeer (the Netherlands)