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Relationships strengthened at international conference in Paris

20 oktober 2017

Eight professionals of Bol International will be attending an important international conference which will be held in Paris, France on 21st and 22nd of October. Professionals in the field of tax, assurance, legal, HRM, VatRep and IT from around the world will meet at the conference organized by the Leading Edge Alliance. In different Specialist Interest Groups these professionals will share specific knowledge and expertise to inspire each other.

Aside from this exchange, Bol International will seize this opportunity to strengthen and build our professional relationships with colleagues from various firms abroad. Consequently, with the help of these local connections we can offer the right assistance for Dutch customers whenever they engage in cross border activity. In addition, our professionals will be able to showcase Bol International’s expertise and what we have to offer to affiliated firms when their customers would like to conduct business in the Netherlands.

Leading Edge Alliance

Bol is a part of the Leading Edge Alliance (LEA), a worldwide network of independent accounting and business experts in diverse services and industries. LEA is the second largest International Accountancy and Audit network in the world. LEA connects Bol to over 2.000 partners and 23.000 professionals of 586 firms, spread over 106 different countries. Through this network we can benefit our clients by connecting them to different professionals abroad. As our colleagues abroad are aware of the latest local developments they can provide tailored services and assistance.

In addition, Bol International often collaborates with one or more affiliated firms on different projects and when challenged by cross border issues.

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