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Language skills

Language skills of the Dutch people are meeting the needs of enterprises. 

Graph of language skills in Europe

High productivity

Like the U.S. workforce, Dutch workers are among the most productive in the world. 
Productivity NL

But, unlike most European countries, the Netherlands offers highly skilled immigrants the “red carpet” treatment, which makes it easy to hire talented people from outside of the EU. It also has a favorable (30%) income tax exemption for expatriates.


The Netherlands: The great advantages

There are a great amount of commercial transactions between the US and the Netherlands. On the one hand, the Netherlands is one of the largest foreign investors in the US, particularly in the real estate sector, and on the other, many American businesses use the Netherlands as a gateway to Europe and as a holding location for the worldwide subsidiaries. Of all American businesses with a distribution center in Europe, 65% are based in the Netherlands. What are these great advantages of the Netherlands? We present you the answers below, by using the information of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (

Bloomberg: 'Europe’s best country for business'

A strategic choice

A preferred hub for European headquarters

Stable and business-friendly government