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Tulips and Windmills

Services offered by the US-Netherlands Desk

We offer a complete package of services to American business and/or it's advisers. In order to serve you best in optimizing the global tax position we will start by asking some questions, such as:

- What is the US tax credit position? (excess credit, excess limitation, managed tax position, net operating loss or overall foreign loss etc.)
- What are the treasury goals? (repatriation or not etc.)

The outcome of those two crucial questions are the starting point for our support. Click on the +symbols below to read more about the specific services that the US-Netherlands Desk provides.

International Tax

VAT Representation

Expat and HRM Services

Pay Roll Services

Accounting and Online Monitoring

Auditing and Corporate Finance

Legal assistance

Establishing a business in the Netherlands

Bol Internatinal's US-Netherlands Desk will find the best solution for you

Working internationally requires a broad perspective, experienced professionals in both local and international legislation, and last but not least guidance. Bol International works with a full team of just such professionals. We systematically and structurally deploy our local expertise and knowledge of international business for our American customers. Let us be your guide.