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If your company works with group divisions in various countries, and you want to prevent extensive discussions with various Tax Departments on the distribution of profit, transfer pricing is key. A proper transfer pricing system can save you a significant amount of money, while conversely, a bad transfer pricing system may cost a significant amount of money. Bol International is pleased to assist in realising the most beneficial transfer pricing system.

What exactly is transfer pricing?

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Bol International’s consultants are happy to assist you in preparing a transfer pricing policy and a successful implementation. Thanks to our close collaboration with foreign partner offices, we can make use of local transfer pricing expertise. As a result, you pay a minimum of tax and the tax authorities will be satisfied.


Does the transfer pricing process has to be completed in every country?

Bol International reviews your situation for all countries, looking for a shared approach based on the so-called OECD Transfer Pricing guidelines. With its foreign partners, Bol has been successful for many companies.

Please note that all countries require separate documents. In most countries, documents in English are acceptable, but unfortunately not in all.

Does transfer pricing play a role only in international group companies?

Actually, it is also important to accurately chart activities and prices even for domestic group companies. The transfer pricing regulations are applicable to both domestic and international transactions.

Is conducting a benchmark survey necessary?

Not in all cases. Depending on the nature and activities of your company, you may demonstrate the business reasoning behind the transactions and prices in different ways. Substantiation of the business case also depends on the settlement pricing method applied.