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Payroll services

If you intend to hire staff in the Netherlands, you will be subject to various regulations and obligations. Bol International has the expertise and experience required to assist you properly when setting up your Dutch organisation. We perform administrative payroll activities for over 1,100 employers in and outside the Netherlands. HRM specialists of Bol International can also assist and advise you as a domestic or foreign employer regarding personnel management. For example, assistance during absence due to illness (including prevention and assistance of absent employees) is a key employer issue in the Netherlands. Employers who fail to undertake the correction actions and measures risk severe sanctions. Bol International's specialists' local expertise assures you of expert and reliable advice if you have an issue with personnel in the Netherlands.

Prevent nasty supplementary tax assessments

Optimal application of advantageous schemes

Grip on your payroll administration - also remote

Bol relieves you from your documentation obligations

Outsourcing your payroll administration or deploying HRM support?

If you want to keep a grip on your payroll and personnel records in the Netherlands, and rest assured that all payroll administration and personnel records are in full compliance with legislation, then Bol International is the right partner for you. Feel free to contact one of our professionals.


Is having payroll records mandatory in the Netherlands?

As soon as you hire staff, you are a ‘withholding agent’ as an employer and you therefore have the obligation to have and update payroll records. Being a withholding agent means that you have to withhold amounts of tax and social security premiums from the employees’ wages. The payroll is the instrument the Tax Department uses to check your records. Bol International can support you professionally in this respect.

What is the UWV?

The UWV (Uitvoeringsinstituut Werknemersverzekeringen - Employee Insurance Agency) is the government body responsible for the implementation of social insurance and providing labour market and data services.

The UWV's tasks cover four areas:

  • Jobs: UWV supports employers when recruiting new personnel, and assists the unemployed in finding a new job.
  • Indications: UWV assesses the degree of incapacity for work of your employees, and reviews options regarding return to work or reintegration.
  • Paying out: UWV assesses whether an employee is entitled to a benefit, and if yes, the amount and duration of this benefit.
  • Data management: UWV ensures that data on work and benefits only has to be passed on to the government once.

Must a wage slip be provided for each wage period?

The law states that a wage slip is to be provided only if it is different from the previous one. Changes may be caused by factors such as a change of salary grade, overtime worked, business mileage claimed or shift allowances.