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When auditing your accounts, we check on the one hand if the amounts match up - but on the other we also review in qualitative terms. We can offer various international audits, including:

  • Mandatory audit
  • Special purpose audit
  • Due diligence

A mandatory audit reviews whether the statutory accounts accurately reflect the actual status of the company. In the Netherlands, such an audit is sometimes mandatory for companies above a certain size (see FAQ). Furthermore, we can audit the consolidated annual financial statement of a group head. For example, if you have your head office in the Netherlands with subsidiaries in other countries, we can also audit the local statements of all foreign subsidiaries, closely collaborating with our international colleagues.

A special purpose audit means an audit with a very specific focus. For example, at your request, we could audit certain elements of the annual financial statements of a Dutch subsidiary of an international concern.

A due diligence audit generally serves to review the financial details of a company at a deeper level in order to ensure the absence of ‘skeletons in the wardrobe’. After all, if you are acquiring a company, you need transparency, with the assurance that you are fully aware of what you are paying for.

In general, we do not stop at the administrative requirements during audits. In addition to complying with legal requirements, we also use common sense. Based on our international experience, we are accustomed to thinking from different reference frameworks.

Our multidisciplinary team can provide all knowledge to quickly respond to your wishes. Furthermore, we also have our own worldwide network of international partners outside the Netherlands. We know these foreign colleagues personally, and we understand perfectly what their strengths and limits are. We audit ourselves continuously too because we want to guarantee this high standard to our local and foreign customers.


When is an audit mandatory in the Netherlands?

If a company fulfils two of the criteria below, a mandatory audit is required:

  • Sales exceeding € 8.8 million
  • Balance sheet total exceeding € 4.4 million
  • 50 or more employees

Is Bol capable of auditing an entire international chain?

Yes, we do offer group audits, irrespective of the relevant countries of the parent company and subsidiaries making use of our international partners.

Can Bol audit based on reporting principles other than the Dutch?

Yes, we can perform international audits, converting the local statements into the local or international standard you require (IFRS, for example), depending on the legal requirements applicable within the parent company’s country, making use of our international partners.